people swimming in three caves at kolocep

Magical Blue Cave

This is it, cherry on the top! Famous Blue Cave, the highlight of the tour. Here we will provide you with equipment for you to snorkel and go inside the Blue cave while we anchor not far away from you. Experience the magical play of light from inside of the Blue Cave and find out why is it the best half day tour from Dubrovnik

Blue cave from speedboat

Kolocep Island

This is the smallest inhabited island with population of just a bit over 200 people during the summer and even less during the winter. It shores have a lot of hidden gems known only to locals, one of them is the Three caves where we will take you among other places, our personal favourite!

Photo of Sunj Beach on Island Lupod

Sunj Beach at Island Lopud

This is famous Sunj beach lagoon at Lopud Island. Sandy beach that stretches for hundreds of meters. It is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Adriatic. Mesmerising landscapes and crystal clear Adriatic sea.